Less than half of us know our neighbours. And Britain's housing crisis means that we’re running out of homes, fast. But there’s a quiet revolution going on… In this 30-minute documentary, Peg Alexander meets some of the people who are taking control of their housing in an attempt to create better places to live. Some are fighting the demolition of perfectly good homes, whilst others are designing brand new, close-knit communities within their cities. Can they really make a difference? We’re going to find out.  



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Britain's Housing Crisis: A People-Powered Solution is available to watch online for free.    
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      AN UPDATE FROM CHACO Since filming, the ChaCo projects continues to develop, with their community growing and additional funding coming in. The million-pound funding mentioned in the film is provided through the central government's Housing Infrastructure Fund via Homes England, to deal with infrastructure and enabling works on the site, including dealing with contamination. It is not just for Chaco, but also shared with the other site developer, Unity Housing Association. This funding is part grant, part repayable loan.
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